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Reduce learning “scrap”
and increase ROI

After an average training session 5 out of 6 participants struggle to apply learnings from the training and fails to create value for the organization.

With Promote you will tap in to your unrealized potential and make full value of your training investment. After all – you paid for all of them.  

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“Why training has to change”

Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff

Expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation




Promote turns
training into performance

  Social learning
  Effective training
  Management involvement
  Impact measurement

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Hassle free training solution

It is easy to add Promote to your existing training programs and drive the results you desire. Regardless if you work with one program delivered at one time, or hundreds of programs spread around the globe with different trainers, Promote is easy to work with. Welcome to a hassle free training solution.


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Improves your programs

Promote makes it easier to be better.
Put your current program in Promote
and get the benefits right away.

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Great support

The Promote team offers you great support throughout the whole process, from your first program.

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Easy to use

Promote is built for participants and
for trainers. It is easy to design, build
modify, re-use and administrate

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We care about your privacy and security. Promote is built on a robust infrastructure and is constantly updated with the latest security features.


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See Promote in action together with one of our solution experts. The presentation takes about 45 minutes, usually via Skype or Goto Meeting, and gives you a good understanding of Promote.



We know your needs

Training provider

Show the results you always promised

When your customer asks for results and proof of new behaviors, Promote is the tool to give them what they want. Besides that, it builds proud trainers and proud participants – and great results.


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HR/L&D department

Set them up for success

Working in HR/L&D you are probably aware of all the challenges in the world of training. Promote transforms your training investments into real business value.


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Upcoming Webinars

Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff -
“Yes! You CAN guarantee business results from training”

August 30, 2016 - 10:00-11:00 AM EST

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In this engaging session Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff will explain the key training process factors that, when they are correctly managed, can change the normal 20% training impact rate to 80% or more. 


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